When I purchase your picks are they guaranteed?

No they are not. In sports wagering there is no such thing as a guaranteed and no guarantee is implied and of course there are no refunds.

Do you sell your clients, personal or private information?

No private and personal information such as email addresses, phone numbers or other personal information will never be sold to anyone or any company. NEVER

How can I contact Crushem Sports?

You can contact us by either email or by our direct phone line.

Do you have an array of sports selections?

Yes at Crushem Sports we have single top rated selections. One day passes, weekly, specific games  & more all at reduced rates. The long term is always the best way to save and get a better return on your investment.

How do I receive the purchased selections?

If purchased on website or by phone a valid email address is required. All selections will be emailed and available by logging into website. Also you can call directly to our office.


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